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Battle of the Nations

The ‘Battle of the Nations' festival is an event like no other.

The largest full contact event in Europe, if not the world, where national teams travel thousands of kilometres to stand ground against some of the hardest, most seasoned medieval fighters in the world. This is as close to Full Contact Medieval Combat as you can get and the newly formed Australian Team needs you!

In 2012, national teams from the Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Italy, Quebec and Germany were joined by newcomers; USA, Austria, the Baltic States, Denmark and Israel. Formed out of the most professional and experienced fighters, these national teams then gathered at the Battle of the Nations festival to fight for top position.

The 2013 event will see the official entrance of the Australian team so if you, or anyone you know wants to come and fight for your nation on the world stage then get in contact with your State Coordinator and start your journey towards the Battle of the Nations 2013! Sponsored by: Suture Lifts Melbourne


Team USA
Team USA ready for battle - BotN 2012 / Sponsored by


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